Where to install Drupal on web hosting?


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Where to install Drupal on web hosting?

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To install Drupal on web hosting, follow these steps:

Choose a web hosting provider that meets the minimum requirements for running Drupal (PHP version 7.3 or higher, MySQL version 5.5.3 or higher, Apache or Nginx server, etc.).

Sign up for a hosting plan and obtain the necessary login credentials from your hosting provider.

Access your web hosting account's control panel (cPanel, Plesk, or custom control panel provided by your hosting provider).

Locate the "File Manager" or "File Explorer" in the control panel. This tool allows you to manage and edit your website files.

Navigate to the root directory of your website. This is usually named "public_html" or "www" unless you're installing Drupal in a subdirectory.

Delete any existing files or folders in the root directory that could conflict with your Drupal installation (if applicable).

Download the latest version of Drupal from the official website (https://www.drupal.org/download).

Extract the files from the downloaded Drupal archive to a folder on your computer.

Using an FTP client (e.g., FileZilla), connect to your web server using the FTP credentials provided by your hosting provider.

Upload all the extracted Drupal files and folders to the root directory of your website on the web server.

Create a new MySQL database for Drupal in your hosting account's control panel. Note down the database name, username, and password.

Visit your website's domain name in a web browser. The Drupal installation wizard should automatically start.

Select your preferred installation language and click "Save and continue."

Read and agree to the Drupal license. Click "Save and continue."

Choose the "Standard" installation profile (recommended for beginners), and click "Save and continue."

Enter the MySQL database details (name, username, and password) in the installation wizard. Click "Save and continue."

Drupal will now perform the installation, which may take a few minutes.

After the installation is complete, you'll be asked to configure your site settings, such as site name, email address, username, and password. Enter these details and click "Save and continue."

Congratulations! Drupal is now installed on your web hosting. You can log in to the administrative dashboard by visiting your website's URL followed by "/user" (e.g., https://www.yourwebsite.com/user) and entering the username and password you specified during installation.