How to deploy Bagisto on web hosting?

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How to deploy Bagisto on web hosting?

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To deploy Bagisto on a web hosting, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a reliable web hosting provider: Look for a web hosting provider that supports the required technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache or Nginx.
  2. Register a domain and purchase hosting: Register a domain name and purchase a hosting plan that suits your requirements. Make sure it supports the necessary requirements for Bagisto.
  3. Prepare your web hosting environment: Set up the environment by creating a database, installing PHP, and configuring necessary settings. Make sure to note down the database credentials.
  4. Download and extract Bagisto: Download the latest release of Bagisto from the GitHub repository or the official website. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder on your local computer.
  5. Upload Bagisto files to the hosting: Use an FTP client or cPanel's file manager to upload the extracted Bagisto files to your hosting account. Upload the files to the public_html directory or a subdirectory if necessary.
  6. Configure database: Create a new MySQL database and a user. Use the database credentials obtained earlier to update the .env file within Bagisto's root directory. Update the following lines in .env file: DB_CONNECTION=mysql DB_HOST= DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=your_database_name DB_USERNAME=your_database_user DB_PASSWORD=your_database_password
  7. Set file and folder permissions: Set the correct file and folder permissions for Bagisto. Generally, folders should have permissions set to 755, and files to 644. You can do this via the command line or using an FTP client.
  8. Install composer dependencies: Connect to your hosting account using SSH or use cPanel's terminal and navigate to the Bagisto installation directory. Run the following command to install the required dependencies: composer install --no-dev
  9. Generate application key: Run the following command to generate the application key: php artisan key:generate
  10. Run migrations: Run the following command to create the necessary database tables and seeders: php artisan migrate --seed
  11. Set up symbolic link: Run the following command to create a symbolic link for storage: php artisan storage:link
  12. Access your website: Finally, open a web browser and enter your domain name in the address bar. You should see the Bagisto installation page. Follow the installation wizard to complete the setup.

Make sure to enforce good security practices, such as using strong passwords, keeping the software up to date, and regularly backing up your website.