Where can I deploy Phalcon on Liquid Web?

by tressie.damore , in category: Third Party Scripts , 6 months ago

Where can I deploy Phalcon on Liquid Web?

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by mac , 6 months ago


You can deploy Phalcon on Liquid Web by following the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Liquid Web account.
  2. Navigate to the server where you want to deploy Phalcon.
  3. Click on the "Access" tab to open the server management options.
  4. Choose the "Manage" option to access the server control panel.
  5. Once inside the control panel, you can deploy Phalcon using the following steps: a. Connect to your server using SSH or any preferred terminal applicaton. b. Update and install the required packages using the package manager specific to your server's operating system (e.g., yum for CentOS, apt-get for Ubuntu). c. Install Phalcon PHP extension by executing the necessary commands. You can find installation instructions on the Phalcon website (https://phalcon.io/). d. Once the installation is complete, configure your web server (e.g., Apache, Nginx) to enable Phalcon. e. Restart the web server to apply the changes.
  6. After successfully deploying Phalcon, you can start using it to build web applications on your Liquid Web server.

Note: The exact steps might vary based on the server's operating system and specific configuration. Make sure to refer to the Liquid Web documentation or contact their support team for specific guidance.