How to rollback after commit in PostgreSQL?


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How to rollback after commit in PostgreSQL?

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by adan , 5 months ago


To roll back a transaction in PostgreSQL, you can use the ROLLBACK command. This will undo any changes made by the transaction and return the database to the state it was in before the transaction was started.

Here is an example of how to use the ROLLBACK command in PostgreSQL:


-- perform some database operations


The BEGIN command starts a new transaction. Any database operations that are performed after the BEGIN command and before the ROLLBACK command will be undone when the ROLLBACK command is executed.

Note that the ROLLBACK command will only roll back changes made within the current transaction. If you have made multiple transactions and want to roll back all of them, you will need to use the ROLLBACK command for each transaction.

It's also worth noting that the ROLLBACK command can only be used to undo changes that have not yet been committed. If you have already committed a transaction, you will not be able to roll it back. In this case, you may need to restore a database backup to revert the changes.