How to reduce mem_fragmentation_ratio in redis?

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How to reduce mem_fragmentation_ratio in redis?

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by haylee.mertz , a month ago


To reduce the mem_fragmentation_ratio in Redis, you can try the following approaches:

  1. Enable Redis memory optimization techniques such as memory defragmentation or memory purge to reduce memory fragmentation.
  2. Use Redis commands like MEMORY PURGE and MEMORY DOCTOR to identify memory fragmentation issues and address them accordingly.
  3. Monitor Redis memory usage regularly and adjust the maxmemory parameter to prevent excessive memory fragmentation.
  4. Consider implementing sharding or partitioning to spread the data across multiple instances, thereby reducing the memory fragmentation ratio.
  5. Use Redis-compatible cache solutions that provide memory optimization features to help reduce memory fragmentation.
  6. Properly configure Redis eviction policies to ensure efficient memory management and reduce the likelihood of memory fragmentation.
  7. Regularly review and optimize your Redis data structures and cache usage patterns to minimize memory fragmentation.