How to reduce table size in mysql?


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How to reduce table size in mysql?

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by edmond_brakus , 8 months ago


There are a few ways to reduce the size of a table in MySQL:

  1. Optimize the table: Running the "OPTIMIZE TABLE" command will reorganize the physical storage of the table, potentially reducing its size. This can be done using the following SQL query: OPTIMIZE TABLE table_name;
  2. Drop unused indexes: Unused or redundant indexes can take up a significant amount of disk space. By identifying and dropping these indexes, you can reduce the table size. You can use the following SQL query to view the indexes on a table: SHOW INDEX FROM table_name; Then, you can drop the unused indexes using the "ALTER TABLE" command: ALTER TABLE table_name DROP INDEX index_name;
  3. Archive or delete old data: If your table contains old or unnecessary data, you can either archive it or delete it entirely. Archiving involves moving the data to a separate table or database, while deleting permanently removes the records. Depending on your requirements, you can select a suitable method to reduce the table size.
  4. Compress the table: MySQL provides storage engines that support table compression, such as InnoDB. Enabling compression reduces the overall disk space utilization. You can use the "ROW_FORMAT" option in the "CREATE TABLE" or "ALTER TABLE" statement to specify the compression type, such as "COMPRESSED" or "COMPACT".
  5. Purge temporary tables: Temporary tables that are no longer needed can take up space in the database. Ensure that temporary tables are cleaned up appropriately by dropping them when they are no longer required.

It's important to note that reducing the table size doesn't necessarily mean optimizing query performance. Before making any changes, consider your specific requirements and the impact on your application.