How to import big xml file (~10gb) into postgresql?

by ryan.murray , in category: MySQL , a month ago

How to import big xml file (~10gb) into postgresql?

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by darion , a month ago


There are different approaches you can take to import a large XML file into PostgreSQL. Here are a few options:

  1. Use the pgloader tool: pgloader is a tool specifically designed for loading large data sets into PostgreSQL. It supports various data sources, including XML files. You can install pgloader and use it to load your XML file into PostgreSQL. Here is an example command you can use:
pgloader mydata.xml

  1. Convert XML to CSV: Another approach is to convert the XML file to CSV format and then use the PostgreSQL COPY command to import the CSV file. There are tools available that can help you convert XML to CSV.
  2. Use a programming language: You can also write a script in a programming language like Python or Java to parse the XML file and insert the data into PostgreSQL using the appropriate libraries. This approach gives you more control over the import process and can be customized based on your specific requirements.

Regardless of the approach you choose, it's important to consider the performance implications of importing a large XML file into PostgreSQL. Make sure to allocate enough resources to the task and monitor the import process to ensure it runs smoothly.