How to check Symfony version?


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How to check Symfony version?

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by lottie , 2 years ago


To check the version of Symfony, you can use the following methods:

  1. Check the version in the composer.json file:
  • Open the composer.json file located in the root directory of your Symfony project.
  • Look for the "symfony/symfony" key in the "require" section. The version number is specified after the ":" character.

For example:

"require": {
    "php": "^7.1.3",
    "symfony/symfony": "4.4.*"

In this example, the Symfony version is 4.4.

  1. Check the version using the symfony command:
  • Open a terminal and navigate to the root directory of your Symfony project.
  • Run the following command:
symfony version

This will output the version number of Symfony, for example:

Symfony 4.4.11 (env: dev, debug: true)

In this example, the Symfony version is 4.4.11.


by dana , a year ago


To check the Symfony version, you can use either of the following methods:

  1. Command Line Interface (CLI): Open your terminal or command prompt and navigate to your project's root directory. Once there, run the following command:
php bin/console --version

This will display the Symfony version installed in your project.

  1. Symfony Profiler: If you have the Symfony Profiler enabled in your project, you can access it by accessing the web development environment (e.g., http://localhost:8000/_profiler). The Symfony version will be displayed at the top of the page.
  2. composer.json file: In your project's root directory, open the composer.json file. Inside it, you'll find a section called "require" that lists the dependencies of your project. Look for the "symfony/symfony" package and check the version specified next to it.

Note: If you don't have Symfony installed in your project, you may need to run the following command in your project's root directory to install the Symfony CLI first:

composer require symfony/cli --dev

Once installed, you will be able to use the Symfony CLI commands.

Note: Symfony has different versions, such as Symfony 2, Symfony 3, Symfony 4, Symfony 5, etc. Make sure to check the version that matches your project.