How to change the default theme of phpMyAdmin?

by hal.littel , in category: Third Party Scripts , 10 months ago

How to change the default theme of phpMyAdmin?

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by lindsey.homenick , 10 months ago


To change the default theme of phpMyAdmin, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate the theme folder In your phpMyAdmin installation directory, navigate to the "themes" folder. It is usually located at phpMyAdmin hemes.

Step 2: Choose a theme Choose a theme that you want to set as the default. You can download additional themes from the phpMyAdmin website or create your own theme.

Step 3: Rename the chosen theme Rename the folder of the chosen theme to "default". The name of the folder must be exactly "default".

Step 4: Replace the existing "default" theme Replace the existing "default" theme folder with the renamed one.

Step 5: Clear browser cache Clear your browser cache to ensure that the changes are reflected.

After following these steps, when you access phpMyAdmin, it should display the newly set default theme.