How to add an index to a table in phpMyAdmin?

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How to add an index to a table in phpMyAdmin?

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To add an index to a table in phpMyAdmin, follow these steps:

  1. Open phpMyAdmin and select the database that contains the table you want to add an index to.
  2. Click on the table name in the sidebar to open the table.
  3. In the top navigation menu, click on the "Structure" tab.
  4. Scroll down to the "Indexes" section, which lists any existing indexes on the table.
  5. Click on the "Add index" option, which is typically located at the bottom of the "Indexes" section.
  6. Enter a name for the index in the "Keyname" field. This name should be descriptive and reflect the purpose of the index.
  7. Select the column(s) you want to index from the "Column" dropdown menu. You can index multiple columns by selecting them one by one or using the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple columns.
  8. Choose the type of index you want to create from the "Index type" dropdown menu. The available options include PRIMARY, INDEX, UNIQUE, and FULLTEXT. The default option is usually INDEX.
  9. Click on the "Go" button to add the index to the table.
  10. Once added, the new index will appear in the "Indexes" section along with any existing indexes on the table.

Note: Adding an index to a table can improve the performance of certain database operations, such as searching and sorting. However, it's important to consider the specific needs and characteristics of your database before creating indexes, as they can also affect write operations and disk space usage.