How check if a symfony server is still running?

by elisha_langworth , in category: PHP Frameworks , a month ago

How check if a symfony server is still running?

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by denis , a month ago


One way to check if a Symfony server is still running is to run the following command in your terminal:

ps aux | grep -i php

This command will list all running processes that contain "php" in the output. Look for the process that corresponds to your Symfony server process and check if it is still running. If the process is not listed, then the Symfony server is likely not running.

Alternatively, you can also check the Symfony server logs for any error messages or warnings that indicate the server has stopped running. You can find the Symfony server logs in the var/logs/ directory of your Symfony project.

Lastly, you can try accessing your Symfony application in a web browser to see if it is still responsive. If you can't access the application, then the Symfony server may have stopped running.