How to check if some port is open or not in hosting server?


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How to check if some port is open or not in hosting server?

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There are a few ways to check if a port is open on a hosting server:

  1. Using Telnet: You can use the Telnet command to check if a specific port is open on a server. For example, if you want to check if port 80 is open on a server with IP address, you can run the command "telnet 80" in your terminal. If the connection is successful, the port is open.
  2. Online port scanning tools: There are online tools available that can scan a server for open ports. Some popular tools include Nmap, Port Scanner, and online Port Scanner tools. You can enter the IP address of the server and the port number you want to check, and these tools will show you if the port is open or closed.
  3. Using a network monitoring tool: If you have access to a network monitoring tool like Nagios or Zabbix, you can check the status of ports on your hosting server through the tool's dashboard. These tools can show you real-time information about the status of ports and services on your server.

By using these methods, you can easily check if a port is open or not on a hosting server.