Where can I deploy CyberPanel on RackSpace?


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Where can I deploy CyberPanel on RackSpace?

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by elisha_langworth , 6 months ago


CyberPanel can be deployed on a RackSpace server by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your RackSpace account and navigate to the Cloud Control Panel.
  2. Create a new server by clicking on "Create Server".
  3. Choose the appropriate server size and configuration that meets your requirements.
  4. Select a suitable operating system for your server. CyberPanel is compatible with CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian, so you can choose any of these options.
  5. Customize any additional settings you may require, such as storage and networking options.
  6. Select a network location for your server based on the region closest to your target audience.
  7. Add any additional features you may need, such as backups or monitoring.
  8. Review and confirm your server configuration, then click on "Create Server" to initiate the deployment.
  9. Once the server is deployed, log in to the server using SSH or any remote terminal software.
  10. Follow the official CyberPanel installation guide to install CyberPanel on your RackSpace server.
  11. After completing the installation, you can access the CyberPanel control panel by visiting the server's IP address or domain name in your web browser.

Remember to follow the recommended security practices and harden your server after deploying CyberPanel to help protect against potential cyber threats.