What is the best way to use $state in vue.js?

by hal.littel , in category: Javascript , 5 months ago

What is the best way to use $state in vue.js?

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by rollin , 5 months ago


In Vue.js, $state refers to the state management library being used, such as Vuex or Vue.observable. The best way to use $state depends on the specific requirements and complexity of your application. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Use Vuex for complex applications: If your application is large and has multiple components sharing the same state, Vuex is a popular choice. Define a central store using state, mutations, actions, and getters. Access the state using mapState or computed properties in your components.
  2. Use Vue.observable for simpler applications: For small to medium-sized applications with less complex state management requirements, Vue.observable is sufficient. Create a reactive state object outside the component and import it where needed. Access the state directly inside the component using this.$state.
  3. Decouple components from the state management library: Make components unaware of the state management library being used. Use injections, props, or events to pass data to components.

Remember that the "best" way to use $state depends on the specific needs of your application, and considering the project's size, complexity, maintainability, and personal/team preferences when choosing a state management approach is important.