What do "near "cascade"" and "near "constraints" error mean in mysql?

by hal.littel , in category: MySQL , 4 months ago

What do "near "cascade"" and "near "constraints" error mean in mysql?

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by domenico , 4 months ago


The error "near "cascade"" in MySQL most likely occurs when you are trying to execute a query or statement with improper syntax related to the CASCADE keyword. It usually happens when creating a foreign key constraint with the ON DELETE or ON UPDATE options using the CASCADE keyword, but you have not specified the referenced table properly, or there might be an issue with the placement of the keyword in your query.

The error "near "constraints"" in MySQL typically occurs when there is a problem with the syntax of your SQL statement related to constraints. Constraints define rules or limitations on columns in a table. This error occurs when you try to create or alter a table with constraints, but the syntax used to define those constraints is incorrect. It could be due to the incorrect usage of keywords like PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, UNIQUE, CHECK, etc., or an issue with the placement or order of these constraints in your query.