How to use mongodb 4.2 in helm deployment?


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How to use mongodb 4.2 in helm deployment?

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by kadin , 5 months ago


To use MongoDB 4.2 in a Helm deployment, follow these steps:

  1. Install Helm on your system if you haven't already. You can find instructions on the Helm website.
  2. Add the Bitnami repository to Helm by running the following command: helm repo add bitnami
  3. Update the Helm repositories by running: helm repo update
  4. Create a new Helm chart using the following command: helm create mongodb
  5. Open the mongodb/values.yaml file in the newly created chart and update the MongoDB version to 4.2: ## MongoDB image version (mandatory) ## ref: ## image: registry: repository: bitnami/mongodb tag: 4.2
  6. Save the changes and exit the file.
  7. Install the MongoDB Helm chart by running the following command: helm install mongodb ./mongodb

This will deploy a single MongoDB replica set using Helm and will create a new release named mongodb.

You can customize the deployment further by modifying other parameters in the values.yaml file, such as the replicaSet name, authentication, storage options, etc.

Please refer to the official Bitnami MongoDB Helm chart documentation for more details on configuring and customizing the deployment: