How to choose dependency release name for custom helm 3 chart?

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How to choose dependency release name for custom helm 3 chart?

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by lottie , 5 months ago


When choosing the release name for a custom Helm 3 chart, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Use a descriptive name: Choose a name that clearly represents the purpose or function of the chart. This will make it easier for administrators or developers to identify and manage releases.
  2. Be consistent: If you have multiple charts or releases, try to maintain consistency in your naming conventions. This can help with organization and clarity, especially when working with multiple teams or environments.
  3. Avoid using generic names: Choose a name that is unique to your project or organization to avoid potential conflicts with other charts.
  4. Keep it short and meaningful: While being descriptive is important, try to keep the name concise and meaningful. Long names can become cumbersome and less readable.
  5. Consider using a combination of project name and release purpose: You may include the project name or abbreviation along with the purpose of the release. For example, "myproject-api" or "myproject-db".
  6. Use lowercase and hyphens: Stick to lowercase letters, as uppercase letters can cause issues with DNS resolution. Also, use hyphens instead of spaces or underscores for better readability.

Example: If you're deploying a chart for a web application called "mywebapp" in a development environment, you could use a release name like "mywebapp-dev".

Remember, choosing the release name is subjective, and the key is to select a name that suits your project, is easy to remember, and helps you identify and manage your releases effectively.