How to upload a laravel project to server?

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How to upload a laravel project to server?

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To upload a Laravel project to a server, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your server: Make sure you have a server with PHP and MySQL installed. You can use a shared hosting service or a virtual private server (VPS).
  2. Configure your server: Create a new database for your Laravel project and note down the database credentials. You will need this information to configure your Laravel project.
  3. Upload your project files: You can upload your Laravel project files to the server using FTP, SSH, or any other file transfer method. Make sure to upload the entire project directory including all files and folders.
  4. Configure your project: Update the .env file in your project directory with the database credentials and other configuration settings specific to your server environment.
  5. Install Composer dependencies: Log in to your server via SSH and navigate to the project directory. Run the following command to install Composer dependencies:
composer install

  1. Generate application key: Run the following command to generate a new application key for your Laravel project:
php artisan key:generate

  1. Migrate database: Run the following command to migrate the database tables to your server:
php artisan migrate

  1. Set correct permissions: Make sure that the storage and bootstrap/cache directories have the correct permissions set. You can run the following commands to set the permissions:
chmod -R 755 storage
chmod -R 755 bootstrap/cache

  1. Point your domain: Update the DNS settings for your domain to point to the server where your Laravel project is hosted.
  2. Test your project: Open a web browser and navigate to your domain to test if your Laravel project is working correctly on the server.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully upload your Laravel project to a server.