How to upload website on my hosting server?

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How to upload website on my hosting server?

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To upload your ASP.NET website to your hosting server, follow these steps:

  1. Compile your ASP.NET website: Before you can upload your website, make sure that you have compiled your ASP.NET website into a deployable package.
  2. Obtain FTP credentials: You will need to obtain FTP credentials from your hosting provider. This typically includes the FTP server address, username, and password.
  3. Connect to the FTP server: Use an FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP to connect to your hosting server using the FTP credentials provided by your hosting provider.
  4. Upload website files: Once connected to the FTP server, navigate to the root directory of your website and upload all the files and folders from your compiled ASP.NET website.
  5. Configure settings: Depending on your hosting provider, you may need to configure additional settings such as the database connection string or server settings in your web.config file.
  6. Test your website: Once the files have been uploaded, open a web browser and enter your website's URL to test that it is working correctly on the hosting server.
  7. Set up domain: If you want your website to be accessible using a custom domain, you will need to set up the domain to point to your hosting server. This usually involves updating the domain's DNS settings to the IP address of your hosting server.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully upload your ASP.NET website to your hosting server and make it accessible to users on the internet.