How to update Symfony with composer?


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How to update Symfony with composer?

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To update Symfony with Composer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of Composer installed on your system. You can check this by running composer -V in your terminal. If you need to update Composer, you can run composer self-update.
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your Symfony project.
  3. Run the following command to update all the packages in your project to their latest versions:
composer update

This will update all the packages listed in your composer.json file to the latest version, including Symfony.

If you want to update only a specific package, you can use the --with-dependencies flag. For example, to update Symfony to the latest version, you can run:

composer update symfony/symfony --with-dependencies

This will update Symfony and all the packages that depend on it.

  1. After the update is complete, you may need to clear the cache and warmup the cache for the changes to take effect. To do this, run the following commands:
php bin/console cache:clear
php bin/console cache:warmup

That's it! Your Symfony project should now be updated to the latest version.