How to show utf-8 string in d3.js?


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How to show utf-8 string in d3.js?

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by haylee.mertz , 5 months ago


To show a UTF-8 string in D3.js, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your HTML file is encoded in UTF-8. Include the following meta tag in the head section of your HTML file to specify the character encoding:
<meta charset="utf-8">

  1. Create a container element in your HTML file where you want to display the UTF-8 string. For example, create a div element with an id attribute:
<div id="utf8-string"></div>

  1. In your JavaScript file, use D3.js to select the container element and set its text content to the UTF-8 string. For example:
var utf8String = "你好世界"; // Your UTF-8 string
var container ="#utf8-string"); // Select the container element
container.text(utf8String); // Set the text content of the container to the UTF-8 string

This will display the UTF-8 string "你好世界" in the specified container element on your webpage.