How to run php in apache tomcat 9?

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How to run php in apache tomcat 9?

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by jerad , 3 months ago


Apache Tomcat is primarily designed to run Java-based applications, and it does not support PHP natively. However, you can follow the steps below to run PHP code using Apache Tomcat:

  1. Install a software called PHP/Java Bridge: PHP/Java Bridge is a communication layer that allows PHP to interact with Java. Download the PHP/Java Bridge archive from the official website: Extract the archive to a directory of your choice.
  2. Configure Apache Tomcat: Open the conf/server.xml file of your Apache Tomcat installation. Inside the
  3. Start Apache Tomcat: Launch the Tomcat server by running the startup script or executable provided with your installation.
  4. Test the setup: Open a web browser and access http://localhost:8080/php/JavaBridge.php. If everything is configured correctly, you should see a page with "JavaBridge" written on it.
  5. Write PHP code: Create a PHP file with a .php extension, for example, test.php, and place it under the webapps/php directory of your Tomcat installation.
  6. Access the PHP page: Open a web browser and access http://localhost:8080/php/test.php to execute your PHP code.

Note: While this method allows you to run PHP code in Apache Tomcat, it is not recommended for production environments. PHP was not designed to be executed in a Java container like Tomcat, and performance may be suboptimal. Consider using dedicated PHP web servers like Apache or Nginx for hosting PHP applications.