How to revoke privileges from a user in MongoDB using PHP?


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How to revoke privileges from a user in MongoDB using PHP?

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To revoke privileges from a user in MongoDB using PHP, you can utilize the MongoDB PHP driver and execute appropriate commands. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that:

  1. Ensure you have the MongoDB PHP driver installed. You can install it using Composer by running the following command:composer require mongodb/mongodb
  2. Import the necessary MongoDB classes into your PHP script:<?php use MongoDBClient; use MongoDBDriverCommand;
  3. Create a connection to your MongoDB server:$client = new Client("mongodb://localhost:27017"); Replace "mongodb://localhost:27017" with the appropriate connection string if your MongoDB server is hosted elsewhere.
  4. Define the username and database for the user whose privileges you want to revoke:$username = "user1"; $database = "mydatabase"; Replace "user1" and "mydatabase" with the actual username and database name.
  5. Build the command to revoke privileges from the user:$command = new Command([ 'revokeRolesFromUser' => $username, 'roles' => [], 'db' => $database, ]); The revokeRolesFromUser command specifies the username of the user from whom you want to revoke privileges. The roles field should contain an empty array to revoke all roles from the user. Adjust the db field to the appropriate database name.
  6. Execute the command on the MongoDB server:$client->getManager()->executeCommand($database, $command); This sends the command to the server and revokes the roles from the specified user in the given database.

That's it! The privileges have now been revoked from the user specified in the PHP script. Remember to customize the script to fit your specific environment, such as the MongoDB server connection string, username, and database.