How to reset router-link id in vue.js?


by samara , in category: Javascript , 3 months ago

How to reset router-link id in vue.js?

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by dalton_moen , 3 months ago


To reset the router-link ID in Vue.js, you can simply assign a new value to the "to" attribute of the router-link component. Here's an example:

<router-link :to="{ name: 'home' }">Home</router-link>

In this example, the "to" attribute is set to an object with a "name" property that specifies the route name for the link. If you want to reset the router-link ID, you can change the route name to a new value like this:

<router-link :to="{ name: 'newRoute' }">New Route</router-link>

By changing the route name in this way, you are effectively resetting the router-link ID to a new value. This will update the link to point to the new route specified by the new route name.