How to reduce bundle size in webpack + vue.js?

by tressie.damore , in category: Javascript , a month ago

How to reduce bundle size in webpack + vue.js?

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by raphael_tillman , 23 days ago


There are several strategies you can implement to reduce the bundle size in webpack + Vue.js:

  1. Code splitting: Break your code into smaller, more manageable chunks and load them only when needed. This can be done using webpack's code splitting feature or Vue.js's built-in lazy loading feature.
  2. Tree shaking: Remove unnecessary code from your bundle by selectively including only the parts of a library that are actually used in your project. You can achieve this by using tools like webpack's UglifyJsPlugin or using ES6 modules.
  3. Minification: Minify your code to reduce the size of your bundle. This can be done using webpack's UglifyJsPlugin or other minification tools.
  4. Optimize images: Compress and optimize images to reduce their size before including them in your project. You can use tools like imagemin or webpack's image-loader for this purpose.
  5. Use webpack plugins: There are several webpack plugins available that can help further reduce the bundle size, such as webpack-bundle-analyzer, webpack.optimize.AggressiveMergingPlugin, and webpack.optimize.AggressiveSplittingPlugin.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the bundle size of your webpack + Vue.js project and improve its performance.