How to override parent template footer in wordpress?

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How to override parent template footer in wordpress?

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by shyann , 5 months ago


To override a parent template footer in WordPress, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the template file of the parent theme's footer. This file is usually named footer.php and can be found in the parent theme's folder.
  2. Create a child theme if you haven't already. This will allow you to make modifications without losing them when the parent theme is updated. To create a child theme, create a new folder in the themes directory (/wp-content/themes/) and name it something distinctive, like "my-child-theme". In this new folder, create a stylesheet file named style.css and add the following code at the beginning of the file: /* Theme Name: My Child Theme Template: parent-theme-folder-name */ Replace "parent-theme-folder-name" with the actual name of the parent theme folder.
  3. Create a new footer template file in the child theme. In the child theme folder, create a new file named footer.php. This file will override the parent theme's footer template.
  4. Open the parent theme's footer.php file and copy its contents to the new footer.php file in the child theme.
  5. Customize the footer template in the child theme's footer.php file as desired. You can modify the HTML, CSS, or PHP code to make the changes you want.
  6. Save the child theme's footer.php file.
  7. Activate the child theme in your WordPress admin panel by going to Appearance > Themes and selecting the child theme you created.

Once the child theme is activated, your customized footer template will be used instead of the parent theme's footer.