How to integrate react.js with octobercms?

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How to integrate react.js with octobercms?

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by dana , 6 months ago


To integrate React.js with OctoberCMS, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install OctoberCMS: Download and install OctoberCMS using the official installation guide:
  2. Create a new OctoberCMS theme: Inside the themes directory of your OctoberCMS installation, create a new folder for your theme. For example, mytheme.
  3. Install Laravel Mix: Laravel Mix simplifies the compilation of CSS and JavaScript assets. Install Laravel Mix by running the following command in your theme directory: npm install laravel-mix --save-dev
  4. Set up Laravel Mix and React: Create a new webpack.mix.js file in your theme directory and add the following code: let mix = require('laravel-mix'); mix.react('assets/js/app.js', 'js') .sass('assets/sass/app.scss', 'css') .setPublicPath('assets');
  5. Create React components: Create a new assets directory in your theme directory and inside it, create a new js directory. Create a new app.js file inside the js directory. This will be the entry point for your React components. Write your React components in separate files or in the app.js file itself.
  6. Compile assets: In your theme directory, run the following command to compile the assets: npm run dev
  7. Include compiled assets in your layout: In your theme directory, locate the layout file that you want to include your React components in. For example, layouts/default.htm. Add the following code in the section of your layout to include the compiled CSS and JavaScript assets:
  8. Use React components: In your layout or any other Blade view file, you can now use your React components by adding an HTML element with an appropriate id: In your app.js file, you can target this id to render your React components: import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; import MyApp from './MyApp'; ReactDOM.render(

That's it! React.js is now integrated with OctoberCMS. You can build your React components and use them in your OctoberCMS theme.