How to integrate paypal in laravel?

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How to integrate paypal in laravel?

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To integrate PayPal in Laravel, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the PayPal SDK package using Composer by running the following command: composer require paypal/rest-api-sdk-php
  2. Create a configuration file for PayPal in config/paypal.php with the following content: return [ 'client_id' => env('PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID'), 'secret' => env('PAYPAL_SECRET'), 'settings' => [ 'mode' => env('PAYPAL_MODE', 'sandbox'), 'http.ConnectionTimeOut' => 30, 'log.LogEnabled' => true, 'log.FileName' => storage_path() . '/logs/paypal.log', 'log.LogLevel' => 'FINE', ], ];
  3. Add your PayPal client ID and secret to your .env file: PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID=your_client_id PAYPAL_SECRET=your_secret PAYPAL_MODE=sandbox
  4. Create a controller to handle PayPal payments, for example PaymentController: namespace AppHttpControllers; use IlluminateHttpRequest; use PayPalRestApiContext; class PaymentController extends Controller { public function makePayment() { $apiContext = new ApiContext(new PayPalAuthOAuthTokenCredential(config('paypal.client_id'), config('paypal.secret'))); // Make payment logic here return response()->json(['message' => 'Payment successful']); } }
  5. Update your routes file to add a route for the payment method in your web.php or api.php file: Route::post('/make-payment', 'PaymentController@makePayment');
  6. Implement the logic for making payments using the PayPal SDK in your controller method.
  7. You can test your PayPal integration by making a request to the /make-payment endpoint in your application.

These are the basic steps to integrate PayPal in Laravel. For more advanced functionality, you can refer to the PayPal REST API documentation and SDK documentation.