How to import scss in a javascript file?

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How to import scss in a javascript file?

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To import SCSS (Sass) files in a JavaScript file, you need to compile the SCSS files into CSS first. Here are the steps to import SCSS in a JavaScript file:

  1. Install a Sass compiler: Use a command-line compiler like node-sass, sass, or webpack with sass-loader to compile SCSS to CSS. Install the compiler globally or locally in your project by running the command npm install
  2. Set up the Sass compiler: If you're using node-sass, create a script to compile your SCSS files. In the package.json file, add a script like "compile-scss": "node-sass src/scss -o public/css" to compile SCSS files in the src/scss directory to CSS in the public/css directory. If you're using webpack with sass-loader, set up a webpack configuration file (webpack.config.js) with sass-loader defined. You might need to add additional loaders, plugins, and configurations based on your project setup.
  3. Compile SCSS to CSS: Run the command npm run compile-scss (replace "compile-scss" with the script name you defined in step 2) to compile the SCSS files to CSS.
  4. Import CSS in your JavaScript file: Once the SCSS files are compiled to CSS, you can import the generated CSS file in your JavaScript file using module bundlers like webpack or directly in the HTML file using the tag. If you're using a module bundler: Import the CSS file in your JavaScript file using the import statement. For example, import './path-to-generated-css-file.css';. If you're not using a module bundler: Add the following line inside the tag of your HTML file: . Replace ./path-to-generated-css-file.css with the actual path to your CSS file.
  5. Use the imported CSS classes and styles in your JavaScript code.

Remember to recompile SCSS to CSS whenever you make changes to your SCSS files.