How to explicitly lock a mysql table?


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How to explicitly lock a mysql table?

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To explicitly lock a MySQL table, you can use the LOCK TABLES statement. This statement allows you to acquire an explicit lock on one or more tables in your database.

Here is the syntax for locking a table:

LOCK TABLES table_name [AS alias] {READ | WRITE}

To lock a table for reading, use the READ keyword. This allows other sessions to also read from the table but prevents any write operations.

To lock a table for writing, use the WRITE keyword. This will prevent any other sessions from reading or writing to the table until you release the lock.

Here is an example of how to explicitly lock a table for writing:


After executing the LOCK TABLES statement, the table "employees" will be locked for writing, and other sessions will not be able to access or modify it until you release the lock.

To release the lock and allow other sessions to access the table, use the UNLOCK TABLES statement:


It is important to note that the LOCK TABLES statement will not work in some cases, such as when the table is involved in a transaction or when it is a temporary table. In those cases, you may need to use other locking mechanisms provided by MySQL, such as row-level locking or using transaction isolation levels.