How to encrypt url parameter in codeigniter?

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How to encrypt url parameter in codeigniter?

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To encrypt URL parameters in CodeIgniter, you can use the Encryption library provided by CodeIgniter. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to encrypt URL parameters in CodeIgniter:

  1. Load the Encryption library in your controller or autoload it in config/autoload.php:


  1. Use the encrypt() method of the Encryption library to encrypt the URL parameter before passing it in the URL:

$encrypted_param = $this->encryption->encrypt($param);

  1. Pass the encrypted URL parameter in your URL using the URL helper:

echo base_url('controller/method/' . $encrypted_param);

  1. In the controller method that receives the encrypted URL parameter, decrypt the parameter using the decrypt() method of the Encryption library:

$decrypted_param = $this->encryption->decrypt($this->uri->segment(3));

  1. Use the decrypted parameter in your controller method as needed.

By following these steps, you can encrypt and decrypt URL parameters in CodeIgniter to securely pass sensitive information in the URLs.