How to deploy storybook to vercel?

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How to deploy storybook to vercel?

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by jerad , a month ago


To deploy Storybook to Vercel, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the Vercel CLI by running the following command:
npm install -g vercel

  1. Next, build your Storybook project using the following command:
npm run build-storybook

  1. Once the build is complete, navigate to your project directory in the terminal and run the following command to deploy your Storybook project to Vercel:
vercel --prod

  1. Follow the prompts provided by Vercel to finalize the deployment process.
  2. Once the deployment is complete, Vercel will provide you with a URL where your Storybook project is now hosted. You can share this URL with others to showcase your Storybook components.

That's it! Your Storybook project is now deployed to Vercel.