How to customize woocommerce report?


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How to customize woocommerce report?

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by wilmer.lemke , 9 days ago


To customize WooCommerce reports, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install a WooCommerce Reports Customizer plugin: There are several plugins available on the WordPress repository that allow you to customize WooCommerce reports. Some popular options include WooCommerce Custom Reports and Improved Sale Badges.
  2. Choose the specific report you want to customize: WooCommerce offers a variety of reports, including sales reports, order reports, customer reports, and product reports. Decide which report you want to customize.
  3. Customize the report layout: Many plugins offer options to modify the layout of the report, such as adding or removing columns, changing the order of columns, and adjusting the size and appearance of data fields.
  4. Customize the report data: You can also customize the data displayed in the report, such as adding additional metrics, filtering results by date or product category, and creating custom data views.
  5. Add custom fields or data points: If you need to display specific information that is not included in the default WooCommerce reports, you can add custom fields or data points using a plugin or custom code.
  6. Save your customizations: Once you have made the desired changes to the report, remember to save your settings to ensure that your customizations are applied.

By following these steps, you can easily customize WooCommerce reports to fit your business needs and preferences.