How to correctly use form_open() in codeigniter?


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How to correctly use form_open() in codeigniter?

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Form_open() function in CodeIgniter is used to create an opening form tag with essential attributes. The basic syntax of form_open() function is:

form_open($action, $attributes);

Where $action is the URL to which the form data will be submitted and $attributes is an array containing additional attributes for the form tag.

Here is an example of how to correctly use form_open() in CodeIgniter:

<?php echo form_open('login/process', array('class' => 'login-form', 'id' => 'login-form')); ?>

<!-- Form fields here -->

<?php echo form_close(); ?>

In the above example, form_open() is used to open a form with 'login/process' as the submission URL and 'class' and 'id' attributes for styling and identification. After defining the form fields, form_close() function is called to close the form tag.

Make sure to always close the form using form_close() after finishing defining the form fields. This will generate the complete form with the specified attributes and URL.