How to convert or run typescript as Javascript?


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How to convert or run typescript as Javascript?

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To convert or run TypeScript as JavaScript, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install TypeScript: TypeScript can be installed globally by running the following command in the terminal: npm install -g typescript
  2. Create a TypeScript file: Create a new .ts (TypeScript) file, for example app.ts, and write TypeScript code inside it. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, so you can write valid JavaScript code as well.
  3. Compile TypeScript to JavaScript: In the terminal, navigate to the directory where the TypeScript file is located, and run the TypeScript compiler (tsc) with the filename as the argument: tsc app.ts This will compile the TypeScript code into JavaScript and generate a corresponding .js file. In this case, it will create app.js file.
  4. Run the JavaScript file: After the compilation, you can run the generated JavaScript file (app.js) using Node.js or any JavaScript environment: node app.js This will execute the JavaScript code and give you the output.

Alternatively, you can use a build tool like webpack or rollup to handle the TypeScript compilation and execution processes more efficiently. These tools can automate the compilation and bundling of TypeScript code into a single JavaScript file for deployment.

Note: TypeScript is mostly used during development for its static typing and additional features. Once you deploy your code, you typically only need to run the compiled JavaScript files.