How to check time difference in mysql query?

by lindsey.homenick , in category: MySQL , 6 months ago

How to check time difference in mysql query?

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by daisha , 6 months ago


In MySQL, you can check the time difference between two date or datetime values using the TIMEDIFF() function. Here is an example of how to use it in a query:

SELECT TIMEDIFF(end_time, start_time) AS time_difference
FROM your_table;

In the above example, end_time and start_time are the columns in the your_table table representing the end and start times respectively.

The TIMEDIFF() function calculates the difference between the two given datetime values and returns the result as a time value. You can then alias this result as time_difference to make it easier to reference in the query result.

Note that the TIMEDIFF() function will return a negative value if the end time is earlier than the start time.