How to check slow query for mysql in gcp?


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How to check slow query for mysql in gcp?

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by raphael_tillman , 5 months ago


To check slow queries in MySQL on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you can use the following steps:

  1. Connect to your MySQL instance on GCP using a MySQL client tool or the Cloud Shell.
  2. Enable the slow query log in MySQL. By default, the slow query log is disabled. You can enable it by modifying the MySQL configuration file. The configuration file location may vary depending on your operating system or MySQL distribution. Common locations are /etc/mysql/my.cnf or /etc/my.cnf. Add the following lines under the [mysqld] section of the configuration file: slow_query_log=1 slow_query_log_file=/var/log/mysql/slow.log long_query_time=2 log_output=file Save the changes and restart the MySQL service to apply the configuration.
  3. Once the slow query log is enabled, you can use the mysqldumpslow command-line tool to analyze the slow query log. It is a part of the MySQL distribution. Run the following command to analyze the slow query log and display the slow queries in descending order of their occurrence: mysqldumpslow -s c /var/log/mysql/slow.log This command will provide you with a list of the slow queries along with their occurrence count.

Additionally, you can also use tools like Google Cloud Monitoring or install a query analysis tool like Percona Toolkit to get more detailed information about slow queries on your GCP MySQL instance.