How to add images in React.js?

by tressie.damore , in category: Javascript , 7 months ago

How to add images in React.js?

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by adan , 5 months ago


To add images in React.js, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the image file: You can import the image file using the import statement like import image from './path/to/image.jpg'. Make sure the path to the image file is correct.
  2. Use the imported image in the component: In your component's JSX code, you can use the imported image variable as the src attribute of the tag like: Image Description
  3. Importing and using image files in components flow: Create a new folder called assets inside your src folder if it doesn't exist. Place your image in the assets folder. In your component file, import the image using import image from '../assets/image.jpg'. Modify the path according to the location of your image file. Use the imported image as the src attribute in your JSX code: Image Description. Make sure your image tag has an alt attribute for accessibility purposes.

Note: Ensure that the path to the image file is relative to the component file where you are using the image.