How to access to php function on wordpress?


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How to access to php function on wordpress?

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by darrion.kuhn , 6 months ago


To access a PHP function in WordPress, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the theme file where you want to access the PHP function. This can be a template file like header.php or footer.php, or you can create a new template file.
  2. Locate the area in the file where you want to use the function. This could be within HTML tags or anywhere PHP code is allowed.
  3. To access a built-in WordPress function, you can directly call the function by its name. For example, to access the function get_bloginfo(), you can use to display the site name.
  4. If you have custom PHP functions, you need to make sure they are loaded and available to your theme. If the function is defined in your theme's functions.php file, you can directly call it as well.
  5. If the function is defined in a different file, you will need to include that file in your theme file. You can use the include() or require() functions to include the file containing the desired function.
  6. Once the function is accessible, you can use it just like any other PHP function. Pass any required parameters and handle the function's return value as needed.

Remember to always properly access and use PHP functions to ensure the correct functionality and security of your WordPress site.