What is translations in laravel?

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What is translations in laravel?

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by edmond_brakus , 4 months ago


In Laravel, translations refer to the process of translating text strings in an application into different languages. It is a way to make an application multilingual and provide support for multiple languages.

Laravel provides a built-in translation system that allows developers to easily add translations to their application. The translations are typically stored in language files, which contain key-value pairs for each translated string. For example, a translation file may have entries like 'hello' => 'Bonjour' for English to French translation.

To use translations in Laravel, developers can use the __() helper function or the trans() function to access the translated strings. They simply provide the key to the translation file as an argument to these functions, and Laravel will automatically return the translated text based on the current locale.

Translation files are typically stored in the resources/lang directory, organized by language and grouped by files. Laravel also provides tools for managing translation files, such as a built-in translation manager and a command-line interface for generating language files.

By utilizing translations, developers can create applications that can be easily localized and cater to different language preferences of their users.