What does enctype="utf8" mean in html form?

by raven_corwin , in category: HTML & CSS , 7 months ago

What does enctype="utf8" mean in html form?

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by addison , 7 months ago


The attribute enctype="utf8" in an HTML form specifies the character encoding used to transmit the form data to the server when the form is submitted.

The utf8 encoding refers to UTF-8, which is a character encoding that can represent any character in the Unicode standard, regardless of language or script. UTF-8 is widely used and supports a broad range of characters, making it suitable for internationalization and multilingual content.

By including enctype="utf8" in the form tag, you ensure that the form data is encoded using UTF-8 before it is sent to the server. This is important when dealing with form submissions that contain non-ASCII characters, such as special characters or characters from languages other than English. Encoding the form data in UTF-8 ensures that these characters are properly transmitted and understood by the server.