How to write phpunit test?

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How to write phpunit test?

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Writing a PHPUnit test involves creating a new class that extends the PHPUnitFrameworkTestCase class and writing test methods inside this class. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a PHPUnit test:

  1. Install PHPUnit: Make sure PHPUnit is installed on your system. You can install it using Composer by running the following command: composer require --dev phpunit/phpunit
  2. Create a new test class: Create a new PHP file for your test class. For example, create a file named MyTest.php and include the following code to declare a new test class that extends PHPUnitFrameworkTestCase:
  3. Write test methods: Inside your test class, create individual test methods that start with the word "test" to indicate that they are test methods. For example: public function testSum() { $this->assertEquals(4, 2 + 2); }
  4. Run the tests: After writing your test methods, you can run the tests using the PHPUnit command line tool. Navigate to the directory where your test file is located and run the following command: vendor/bin/phpunit MyTest.php
  5. Analyze the test results: PHPUnit will execute your test methods and display the results in the command line. It will show you which tests passed, failed, and were skipped.
  6. Refactor and repeat: If any tests fail, you may need to go back and make changes to your code or test methods to fix the issues. Repeat the process of running the tests until all tests pass successfully.

By following these steps, you can write PHPUnit tests to ensure your code functions as expected and meets the requirements you have defined.