How to validate date in laravel?


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How to validate date in laravel?

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In Laravel, date validation can be done using the built-in validation rules provided by the Laravel framework. Here is an example of how to validate a date field in a Laravel controller:

  1. Include the necessary validation rule in your controller:
public function store(Request $request)
    $validatedData = $request->validate([
        'date' => 'required|date',

    // Your code to store the data goes here

  1. In the example above, the 'date' field is required and must be a valid date format. If the user submits a value that is not a valid date, Laravel will automatically return a validation error response.
  2. You can also add additional validation rules to the 'date' field based on your requirements. Here are some other common date validation rules you can use:
  • 'date_format:Y-m-d' - This rule validates the date format according to the specified format (e.g., 'Y-m-d' for year-month-day).
  • 'after_or_equal:today' - This rule validates that the date is after or equal to today's date.
  • 'before_or_equal:end_date' - This rule validates that the date is before or equal to the specified end date.

By using these validation rules, you can ensure that the date entered by the user is in the correct format and meets your application's requirements.