How to use with and values in mysql?


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How to use with and values in mysql?

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The "WITH" clause in MySQL is used to define or create temporary tables that can be used in subsequent statements within the same query. It is commonly used for complex queries or when you need to perform multiple operations on a specific set of data.

The "VALUES" keyword in MySQL is used to insert multiple rows of data into a table in a single statement. It is often used in combination with the "INSERT INTO" statement.

Here's an example that demonstrates how to use both "WITH" and "VALUES" in MySQL:

  1. Creating a temporary table using "WITH": WITH temp_table AS ( SELECT col1, col2 FROM table_name WHERE condition )
  2. Inserting multiple rows of data using "VALUES": INSERT INTO table_name (col1, col2) VALUES (value1, value2), (value3, value4), ...

In the above example:

  • Replace "temp_table" with the desired name for your temporary table.
  • Replace "table_name" with the name of the table you want to select data from or insert data into.
  • Replace "col1, col2" with the specific column names you want to select or insert data into.
  • Replace "condition" with the desired condition for selecting data from the table.
  • Replace "value1, value2" and "value3, value4" with the actual values you want to insert into the table.

Remember to execute each statement separately.