How to use the global keyword in PHP?


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How to use the global keyword in PHP?

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by hal.littel , 6 months ago


In PHP, the global keyword is used to access a global variable inside a function. A global variable is a variable that is defined outside of a function and can be accessed from any part of the code.

Here is an example of how to use the global keyword in PHP:

$counter = 0; // define a global variable

function increment_counter() {
    global $counter; // access the global variable

increment_counter(); // call the function
echo $counter; // output: 1

In the above example, we define a global variable $counter and a function increment_counter() that increments the value of $counter by 1. Inside the function, we use the global keyword to access the global variable $counter.

When we call the increment_counter() function and then output the value of $counter, it will display 1 because the function has incremented the value of the global variable.

Note that using global variables can make your code more difficult to maintain and debug, so it's generally a good practice to avoid them if possible.