How to use multiple databases in laravel?

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How to use multiple databases in laravel?

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To use multiple databases in Laravel, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Configure the database connections: Open the config/database.php file and add the configuration details for all the databases you want to use. Each database connection should have a unique name and its own set of details, such as the driver, host, database name, username, and password.
  2. Create a new connection in the model: In your model file, specify the database connection to be used by adding the protected $connection property and setting it to the name of the database connection you want to use for that model. For example:
protected $connection = 'mysql2';

  1. Perform database operations: You can now perform database operations using the specified database connection. For example, to retrieve data from the database, you can use the DB facade's connection() method to specify the connection and then execute queries. For example:
$users = DB::connection('mysql2')->select('select * from users');

  1. Specify the connection in migrations: If you want to use a specific database connection for your migrations, you can specify it in the migrations table. Open the database/migrations folder and add the --database option to the $options array in the migrate method call. For example:
$this->migrate($options = ['--database' => 'mysql2']);

That's it! You can now use multiple databases in your Laravel application. Remember to manage the database connections and their configurations properly.