How to use group_contact in cakephp query?


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How to use group_contact in cakephp query?

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by gilbert , 8 months ago


To use group_contact in a CakePHP query, you can use the GroupConcat function provided by the underlying database (e.g., MySQL). Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have defined the appropriate associations in your CakePHP models.
  2. Build your query using CakePHP's Query Builder or ORM methods (e.g., find(), select(), where()).

For example:

$query = $this->Table->find()
        'contacts' => $query->func()->groupConcat('contact_name')

In this example, we are selecting the "group_id" column and using the GroupConcat function to concatenate all the "contact_name" values within each group. We are then aliasing this concatenated string as "contacts". Finally, we are grouping the results by "group_id".

  1. Execute the query and retrieve the results:
$results = $query->toArray();

The $results variable will contain an array of records, with each record having the "group_id" and "contacts" fields.

Note: The availability of the GroupConcat function and its syntax may depend on the database engine you are using. The example above assumes you are using MySQL. If you are using a different database engine, consult its documentation for the appropriate syntax.