How to use emit in vue.js?


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How to use emit in vue.js?

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In Vue.js, emit is used to send custom events between components. Here is how you can use emit in Vue.js:

  1. In the child component, define an event using this.$emit:
this.$emit('event-name', eventData);

Here, event-name is the name of the event you want to emit, and eventData is any data you want to pass along with the event.

  1. In the parent component, listen for the event using v-on or @:
<child-component v-on:event-name="handleEvent"></child-component>

Here, event-name should match the event name emitted in the child component, and handleEvent is the method in the parent component that will be called when the event is emitted.

  1. In the parent component, define the handleEvent method to handle the emitted event:
methods: {
    handleEvent(eventData) {
        // Handle the event here

Here, eventData is the data passed along with the event. You can access and use this data within the handleEvent method.

By using emit and custom events, you can establish communication between parent and child components, allowing them to exchange data and trigger actions based on user interactions or other events.