How to use css variables with tailwind css?

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How to use css variables with tailwind css?

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by gilbert , 15 days ago


To use CSS variables with Tailwind CSS, you can define your custom CSS variables in the :root element in your CSS file or inside a CSS file that you import into your project. Here's an example of how you can define and use a CSS variable in your Tailwind CSS project:

  1. Define your custom CSS variable in your CSS file:
:root {
  --primary-color: #FF4500;

  1. Use the CSS variable in your Tailwind CSS classes:
<div class="bg-var(--primary-color) text-white p-4">Hello, world!</div>

In the example above, we defined a --primary-color custom CSS variable in the :root element, and then we used this variable in the bg-var(--primary-color) class to set the background color of the element. You can also use the custom CSS variable in other Tailwind CSS utility classes for styling other properties such as text color, padding, margin, etc.

Note that Tailwind CSS does not provide built-in support for CSS variables, so you will need to define and use them manually in your project.