How to update specific rows using laravel?

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How to update specific rows using laravel?

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To update specific rows using Laravel, you can use the update method of the Query Builder. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by identifying the specific rows you want to update. You can do this by adding conditions to your query using the where method.
  2. Use the table method to specify the table name. For example, if you want to update rows in a table named "users", your query would start with DB::table('users').
  3. Chain the where method to add conditions to your query. For example, if you want to update rows where the "id" column is equal to 1, you would add ->where('id', 1) to the query.
  4. Use the update method to specify the new values for the rows. The update method takes an array where the keys represent the column names and the values represent the new values. For example, ->update(['name' => 'John', 'age' => 30]) would update the "name" and "age" columns with the new values.
  5. Complete the query by chaining the get, first, or update method to execute the query and retrieve the updated rows. The get method will return all updated rows, the first method will return only the first updated row, and the update method will simply execute the query without returning any results.

Here's an example that updates the name and age of a user with the ID of 1:

    ->where('id', 1)
    ->update(['name' => 'John', 'age' => 30]);

This will update the "name" and "age" columns of the user with an ID of 1 to "John" and 30, respectively.